Exclusive: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 is Ready for 2020, Everything You Need to Know about the Latest Season

The American superhero television series Legends of Tomorrow is making buzz for all the right reasons. It is all set to release its fifth season in January 2020. Legends of Tomorrow is one of the most loved shows among the audience. The show got more interesting with each passing season and now with the upcoming season 5, the expectation is raising high once again.

Sneak Peek of Season 5

Although the series is coming in 2020, the creators of the show already provided some of the tidbits from the season. The big news is that Brandon Routh will once again play the Man of Steel as he earlier did in Superman Returns in 2006 for “The Crisis on Infinite Earths”. Routh has still not said anything about which super-suit he will wear but he admitted that the energy and tone of his character have a resemblance to his previous character.

The famous cast of the series Caity Lotz, Routh and Purcell recalled their favorite moments from season 4. Purcell said that they all embrace the absurdity for which the Arrowverse’s wild child is known.

CREDIT: (Dean Buscher / The CW)

Tala Ashe as the New Zari

Tala Ashe plays the role of Zari Tomaz in Legends of Tomorrow. Creators Phil Klemmer and Keto Shimizu discussed the role of Zari in the new season. They said that Zari had a different life which was free of dystopian troubles. Also, Zari’s brother Tarazi will join due to changes in the timeline.

Caity Lotz who plays the role of Sara will go through many transformations in the new season. Sara will develop a lot of power and while it is quite awesome, she will also have to face many problems in her life.

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Legends and Fame

Phil Klemmer said that they will tempt the legends with fame this time. They are interested to see how fame affects these legends. Astra will be a real bad in season 5. The show makers are comparing the fame culture of today with the power-driven people of the world.

Legends of Tomorrow have started shooting for the fifth season, but fans are already expecting a super fun season once again.