Instagram has banned Belle Delphine for violating the community guidelines.


    With more than 500,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and more than 4.5 million followers on her Instagram account, she had made a mark for her over social media. But recently she has posted a video on Instagram in which she is selling her bathing water to the thirsty gamer boys for $30 a pot.

    Now because of some reports that are filled against Belle for violating the community guidelines has led her account to get disabled by Instagram. Searching Belle Delphine’ name on Instagram only yields a result page for hashtags now.


    Instagram has officially responded stating that Belle’s account was removed for violating community guidelines. According to Instagram’s new policy, they have to warn the user before they take down their account. Belle has yet to confirm or deny if she was given this warning.

    Credits: The head topic

    the critical question here arises that did Belle’s bathwater sale lead to Instagram delete? Belle has recently gained more attention and has invited more controversies since she has decided to sell her used bathwater. Whether you say it a business or a trick, but she has sold more than 500 units of used water. She restocked and sold even bigger containers of the used water. She has claimed that she got this idea from the comments she got from her followers that they would love to buy her bathwater.
    Belle’s Twitter has not been removed yet, but she had not tweeted since July 10th, when her bathwater first sold out. It’s unclear when Belle’s Instagram account will be reactivated, or if it will at all. Maybe she will take this social media hiatus as the time to figure out her next business venture.