Money Heist Season 3 Is Back With A Bang, Release Date and Latest Updates

Netflix knows how to keep its subscribers hooked to the screen. They are always coming with original series which are worth watching. Recently, on 19 July, Netflix dropped the series Money Heist season 3 or La Casa de Papel. Season 3 is making all the right noises in terms of its unique techniques. The show is a favorite among the audience and people are already going gaga over the new season.


Season 3

Money Heist is a crime thriller and it is full of actions and twists. The latest season is also no exception and it started at the right momentum. In season all the members of the heist team reunite to embark upon a new journey. All of them come together to steal gold from the Bank of Spain. The third series follows the major characters as they steal the gold before they attempt to escape alive from the bank.

The character of Rio played by Miguel Herran is captured by the Panama patrol boats.  Like its previous seasons, feminism continues to play a big role in this season as well.


Money Heist retains its older cast along with introducing some new cast members in the show. Fernando Cayo plays the role of Tamayo and Rodrigo de la Serna plays the role of Palermo. There is a new character named Alicia Serra played by Najwa Nimri.


How Many Episodes

The third season of Money Heist has a total of eight episodes. Netflix released the entire season on Friday at midnight. People can stream the whole series online now.

Thrilling Season

The whole series is extremely thrilling and very engaging. It ends with a dramatic final episode where Nairobi’s life ends. They found a hidden bomb in a teddy bear that belonged to Nairobi’s son. She reveals that her son was taken away from her. But Nairobi is finally happy as Alicia discloses that her son is safe with her.

However, fate has something else stored for Nairobi as she is shot by a sniper.

Indeed the last episode was climactic and emotional.

IMDB has given good ratings on all the episodes but the final episode got a higher rating of 9.6 out of 10.

So don’t wait anymore. Go and binge-watch the show right now.