Shane Dawson talks to Eugenia Cooney about her eating disorder

Shane Dawson has officially returned to YouTube after posting an hour-long video. In the video, he is seeing talking to Eugenia Cooney about her eating disorder and rehabilitation time.

Eugenia, who is a fellow vlogger, revealed in February that she was getting help. Shane’s new clip, titled the return of Eugenia Cooney, show’s Eugenia accepting the fact that she had a disorder. The interview took place at her house where the US star revealed that she was in denial about her eating disorder for years. After being in the denial for such a long time, she finally went into rehab where her eating habits were monitored. She also said that she had regular sessions with a therapist for helping her out. Eugenia told that she was dealing with an eating disorder where at times she wouldn’t realize that she wasn’t eating in a food. The Youtuber noted that her family would always ask her to take care of herself and eat more, even she knew that she had a problem, but it was hard to seek help.

She compared her eating disorder with smoking. Cooney said that people knew in their brain that they should stop this, but it’s tough to stop and go and try to get help for herself. She added that she had always been naturally small, and as things were moving forward, she was losing more weight. It was difficult for her to see that it was a huge problem. Cooney also revealed that people trolling over her weight affected her very badly and made her disorder even worse. Stuff like trolling put her in the worst mindset where she does not want to help herself.

SOURCE: Pew News

Shane then proceeded to ask Cooney about her experience in rehab. To think she replied that it was a bizarre experience. Everything was scheduled, where you wake up at a particular time, you have a therapist, you are being watched while eating, and a person is standing outside the door when you go to the bathroom. She said that she was scared when she found out how little weighed and this motivated her to get help. Cooney said that it’s not easy, but she’ll do what needs to be done, and she’s making sure about eating enough food to get back to the right place. In the end, Shane said that Eugenia was doing a lot better and her progress is nothing less than a miracle.