YouTuber Shane Dawson Returns With Eugenia Cooney Talking About Her Ongoing Recovery

Shane Dawson has finally returned to YouTube after a five-month-long break. And this time he has Eugenia Cooney with him.

The Return of Eugenia Cooney

On his birthday, the 31-year-old star surprised his fans when he posted a powerful video on his Youtube channel. The video also marks the comeback of his fellow Youtuber Eugenia Cooney. It’s a documentary entitled The Return of Eugenia Cooney. The video gives a message to all those who are suffering from eating disorders.

Documentary on eating disorder and recovery of Cooney

The one-hour long video was uploaded on 19 July. It begins with a warning message that it might be triggering to some as it contains discussions of eating disorders. The documentary shows the struggle of the 24-year-old beauty Youtuber who’s suffering from anorexia and is still on her road to recovery.

Cooney had been time and again body shamed for being too thin. In the past, several petitions were signed against her on to ban her from Youtube for promoting an unhealthy image online. Amid concerns about her health and the emotional onslaught, Cooney finally decided to take a break which she announced via Instagram on 28 January 2019.

Cooney found it hard to admit about her condition

In the past, Cooney has never admitted to having any disorder. She has continuously denied it for the last seven years. But this year in February, she finally posted on Twitter that she’s taking medical help. At that time, Dawson having 21 million subscribers asked for her permission to document her.

In the documentary, she talks about her experience being in rehab. It was very difficult for her to commit to the program and be under vigilance the whole day. Dawson having suffered from bulimia himself was very careful and sensitive while talking with Cooney.

The video has been praised a lot on the platform by many. Around 8.3 million have already viewed the video so far. Dawson and Cooney both have done a great job by encouraging others who suffer from eating disorders to seek medical help.