Randy Rainbow Parody for Donald Trump, “Suckers” by Jonas brothers

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    Donald Trump, the president of the United States, is one of the most trolled president ever. Many people troll him because of his indecent tweets and the racial mythology he follows in the 21st century.

    Whereas Randy Stewart rainbow, the American comedian who always makes funny spoofs interviews and releases them through his youtube channel. He is targeting recent popular events, famous figures, etc.

    Randy recently on 22nd of July released a video of the faux interview with Trump where he made fun of him by using the song of Jonas Brothers “Suckers.” His video also is named as “Suckers” too. In the video, he asked Trump about how he could get votes and support from the majority of people even after being so much trolled. Media do not also like him, so who are these people supporting him.

    He said in his lines that they all are suckers as they support him even after so much has happened. This video was based on the recent rally where crowd cried out “send her back.” After the tweet by Trump about sending back the Congresswoman and other three democratic. According to Trump, this will help them to fix the total broken and crime-infested places from where they have come from.


    See the video

    There was Lindsay Graham who used to dislike Trump’s racism in 2015. And today’s Lindsay Graham who openly believes that Trump did the best thing about this issue.

    The world is full of hypocrites as this is human nature, but we still believe that nothing is more significant than humanity and right and wrong. One should support right not wrong. Otherwise, we all will suffer directly and indirectly.

    Rainbow highlighted the global issue, i.e., pollution more important than thinking about racism.

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