Sonja Sohn, Star of ‘The Chi’, Arrested for Cocaine Possession But Was Released in Six Minutes!

Recently, the star of ‘The Chi’ has been arrested due to the possession of drugs. Sonja Sohn was arrested in North Carolina on Sunday morning.

The charges were made after she was found in possession of some various substances like cocaine, marijuana as well as a drug named paraphernalia. The cases of possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia are considered to be less severe in nature. While in the case of possession of cocaine, it is classified as a felony.

Sonja Sohn, Star of 'The Chi', Arrested for Cocaine Possession But Was Released in Six Minutes!
Getty/Steven Ferdman/Netflix

The authorities have confirmed that she was brought to the police station around two in the morning. But there she did not wait for a long. She was released after six minutes when she posted a $1,500 worth of bail.

This incident will undoubtedly affect her acting career. Also, The Chi was all geared up for its third season. But finding Sonja Sohn in trouble will undoubtedly affect the show. Also, Jason Mitchell, who is also an actor in the show, found himself amid of sexual assault accusations. Due to these troubles, the storyline of the show will undoubtedly get affected, and we have to wait to see how?

The American actress, as well as director, is famous for playing the roles in HBO drama series ‘The Wire.’ There she played the role of Detective Kima Greggs. Apart from that she also played the role of another detective in ABC series Body of Proof. There she was Detective Samantha Baker.

Apart from playing a role in television series, she also is a social activist. In 2009, she took a break from her acting career so that she can focus more on social issues.