Emergency Declared Due To Flash Floods In New York And Brooklyn

The flash floods which occurred on Monday badly affected many areas of New York and Brooklyn. An emergency has been declared by the government.

Flash Floods resulted in heavy traffics on roads

The sudden torrential downpour led to flash floods in parts of New York’s Long Island and Brooklyn. The water flooded the areas so much so that it became impossible to drive vehicles with water reaching up to the car doors. The severe floods shut down traffic and wreaked havoc. In some areas, the water level reached up to the waist.

The floods was followed by a series of thunderstorms. Hundreds of thousands of people in New Jersey and Brooklyn lost power on Monday. Reportedly, around 300,000 homes were affected by the power outage in the areas.

According to Jersey Central Power & Lights’s website, approximately 230,000 were without power on Monday night. The utility has also tweeted that the damage is significant. In many areas, the power has been restored but in some, it’s estimated to be back until Tuesday afternoon or evening.

Many roadways have been closed due to downed wires and trees. People have been advised to remain indoors and not to travel unless they have to. They are also advised to take lettered trains due to the flooding in the subways.

Videos of the floods on social media…

Many videos have been released on social media showing the severity of the situation in the affected areas.



According to National Weather Service, more than 2.5 inches of rain was recorded in parts of Long Island and New Jersey by 9:30 pm on Monday night. Until early morning Tuesday, flash flood watches and warnings were in place for New York City, southern Connecticut, and northeast New Jersey.

Flash floods can still occur with more rain.

Although the situation is a bit under control, people have been warned to take caution. The weather service has warned that localized flash flooding could still occur if any more rain falls in the already flooded areas.