3 young children & their mother stabbed to death at their own home

Mother along with her three children stabbed to death at their own home in Georgia

The bodies pf Jessica Spellman, the 29-year-old mother, and her children that who were not more than 3 years old were found in their South Columbus home within the Elizabeth Canty Apartment complex in the evening on 18th July.


The Major Hawk of the Columbus Police Department told the station that “Officers received information to come into this area concerning possible individuals being deceased,” and “Upon arrival [the officers] did find four individuals that are deceased.”

The bodies were found with stab wounds but to confirm the actual causes of death the bodies of Jessica, 3-year-old King Jackson and two girls- 1-year-old Kensley Jackson and 1-month-old Kristen Jackson were sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab for autopsies.

“We are in the preliminary investigation stages, trying to figure out what happened,” Hawk said on Wednesday evening. “We’ll be here pretty much for a long night,” he added.

The police department has been looking into the list of criminals with a history of slaying but has not yet found any solid suspect.

However, Police did arrest 27-year-old Travane Brandon Jackson on four counts of murder and are also calling the killings acts of family violence,  which is a legal designation in Georgia for violent crimes by spouses, parents and other domestic partners.

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“It’s a tragic situation,” said Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan. “One of the most brutal that I have seen in my seven years as coroner,” he added.

While saying “We are in the preliminary investigation stages, trying to figure out what happened,” Major Hawk also requested that anyone with any type of relevant information must call 911 or the Columbus Police Department.