Disney employee got attacked by tourist at the Tower of Terror


    A tourist at Twilight Zone Tower of Terror punched a Disney employee because of her invalid FastPass. Here are the details about the whole incident.

    The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    The Twilight zone Tower of Terror is situated at many places like Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Tokyo DisneySea, Walt Disney Studios Park and initially at Disney California Adventure Park.

    Below are the details about the tourist:

    According to the reports and sources, Jessica Grines who was that tourist was waiting in line for Hollywood Studios’ Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Ride-on 13th July. After some time, there was a quarrel and argument kind of situation.

    Reason of argument

    The tourist women from Chicago Jessica Grines, 23 and her group were unhappy and dissatisfied. Because their FastPasses were invalid for the ride after a long wait in the queue. Some Disney World Cast member tried to help Jessica out, but she was not in the situation and was angry.

    Inappropriate behavior of the tourist

    The tourist became aggressive and was shouting. The incident is not only this, but the tourist from Chicago start pushing buttons. Which could be a risk in rides of the Tower. When an employee, Taylor Gragert stopped her from doing so she punched her in the face.

    Injury to the Employee: The employee got swelling around her eye. But Taylor Gragert, the employee didn’t want to press charges or file a complaint against the tourist and even denied treatment. People were seen recording the whole incident as it happened in the pre-show area where visitors come to the library to watch The Twilight Zone.

    The whole group seemed to leave the place but later was founded by the security. Women got banned for a lifetime: The Disney officials made sure that the women are prohibited for a lifetime to visit the place.