Poor 18 month old toddler brutally killed and Thrown into Dumpster, Man arrested

Local police officials in Dallas, Texas have arrested a 27-year-old named Sedrick Johnson for the murder of his girlfriend’s 18-month-old nephew.

Johnson had been kept in-charge of the boy while his aunt was away, and had punished him on multiple occasions previously. On another instance, while babysitting the toddler, Johnson wrapped the boy in a floor carpet and rolled him over repeatedly, proving to be fatal and costing him his life.

Johnson observed that movement within the carpet had come to a halt, and took the boy’s body out and tried to resuscitate him for more than half-an-hour before throwing his corpse in a dumpster far from the house.

He later stated that his actions were a way to punish the boy for ‘making a mess’ of a few ketchup packets he’d been given along with his midnight snack.

The body of the toddler, Cedric Jackson, was later found in one of the city’s dumping landfills and declared dead by the coroner’s department upon arrival.

Credit: Fox News

Police first questioned Jackson’s maternal aunt, or Johnson’s girlfriend, and obtained information about her whereabouts at the time. She stated that, after having put the boy to bed herself, she left the house and came back the next morning to find the boy missing, immediately alerting emergency services.

While not held complicit for the murder or related manslaughter charges, the aunt has since been arrested by authorities for trying to conceal where Jackson’s body had been initially dumped as a means of protecting her boyfriend.


The lack of information about Jackson quickly made the case a priority for investigators, and the entire state of Texas was soon put on amber alert, the highest expediency signal of its kind for cases related to kidnappings and abductions.