What Leonardo DiCaprio Is Ready To Have Kids With Her Girlfirend Camila? Settle Down.

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most respected and wonderful actors in Hollywood. He is like a lone wolf but looks like this lone wolf will be settling down now.


Leo and Camila Morrone are very close to each other despite their age gap. Camila spends a lot of time at DiCaprio’s house; it is certainly not a casual relationship. Camila, upon asking about the relationship, said that they both think about engagement. She says that Leonardo is also ready to have kids.


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The couple travels frequently and is seen at Coachella and Cannes Film Festival. Camilla has been in this relationship for a long time. Leo has also introduced her to his parents. The two first were spotted in January 2018 and have been inseparable ever since. The relationship could be at that point where Leo and Camila could be settling down.

Right now, Leonardo is advertising his new movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. When asked the question that is he will ever retire, this was the answer. Leo said that he is grateful for the gift which he has and will deliver movies until people want him to.

The couple spends their new year time in Thailand with some of Leo’s friends. Leo ditched his shirt to take a dip and Camila was looking beautiful in her bikini. Recently the couple was seen twinning in the denim on the street. Leo also acted as a good boyfriend and was seen taking pics of Camilla in her gorgeous white dress.

If in the future, Leonardo will be ready to engage and settle down, it will be a hard blow to Hollywood. The future is unknown to everyone, but this couple will surely have a great one if they are together.