17-year-old shoots stepfather to save his mother from Abuse


    On Sunday, a man was shot by his 17-year-old stepson in the town of Crosby, local Harris County police officials said in a statement.

    Reportedly, the stepfather had tussled with the boy’s mother around midnight, which later escalated to an actual physical confrontation, after which the teenager shot him at around 2.20 AM in the morning.

    Alerted by the shooting, neighbourhood residents dialled for the emergency services, after which the stepfather flew to a nearby hospital via air ambulance for intensive treatment.

    Credit: Sputnik

    His condition, and where exactly the shots penetrated his body, is unknown as of yet, with officials having released little to no details pertaining to the case so far.

    It also remains a matter of debate whether the boy will face any serious charges for what he did.

    If the police report holds up in court, the 17-year-old will quite possibly receive a lenient hearing given the purportedly self-defensive nature of his action, one seemingly to save his mother from being beaten up.

    Moreover, the boy’s age and current status as a minor will too play a significant part. However, a case for homicidal intent might be on the cards if further investigations reveal more details about just how the entire situation played out that night.

    To what extent the mother suffered bodily harm has also not been made public as of early Monday morning.


    Located in the distant corners of Harris County in eastern Texas, Crosby is a sparsely populated town that is just around 2.3 square miles and boasts a measly 2,299 residents as of the United States’ latest census back in 2010.