ASAP Rocky is charged with assault in Sweden, Trump vows to get him freed

ASAP Rocky, an American rapper, has been charged with assault in Sweden.

He was in a fight

Rakim Mayers, professionally known as ASAP Rocky, got arrested in Stockholm in early July for a physical assault. He was not alone, and two other men two were arrested. It was followed by a fight which got captured in a CCTV. He defended himself by claiming that he got involved for self-defense.

The men he fought with were following his group. On 30th July the trials will start. The Swedish prosecutor believes that it was crime despite Asap saying it was just for self-defense. He reached that conclusion after meticulously examining the footage procured from the CCTV.

Trump is trying his best to help Rocky.


Trump Intervenes

The prosecutor said: “My evidence consists partly of a number of films that I will play in court. Some are known to the public, and some are not,” Daniel Suneson told. The harm that ASAP caused the victims will reap him at least two years of jail in Sweden. Suneson said, “From the perspective of the individuals, in this case, it is, of course, an extremely long time – three weeks – in jail.”

Even Trump is concerned, he talked with Sweden’s PM. He posted on Twiter: “Just had a very good call with @SwedishPM Stefan Löfven who assured me that American citizen A$AP Rocky will be treated fairly. Likewise, I assured him that A$AP was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative…”