Sean Combs got accused by his Ex and member of “Danny Kate”


    The American rapper, Sean Combs recently got accused of his behavior with his ex0 girlfriend and member of the trio “Danity Kane.” In a recent interview with “Variety,” she opened up about the practice times with Sean.

    She revealed about how hard it was working with Sean because of his temperament, sexism, and racism. According to her, he always wanted everything perfect and used to scold her even about her mismanaged toes. They always used to practice for more and more hours. He was still full of energy and always wanted to produce the best.

    Diddy recently started his plan for the back of “Making the Band,” an MTV reality show as a producer. Aubrey was the part of the show in 2000 after which in 2002 Diddy took it over.

    Danity Kate
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    Aubrey Morgan O’ Day, was terminated from the group “Danity Kate” with D. Woods. Now the members of groups are Dawn Richard, Shannon Bea and Aubrey O’ Day. The trio is set on their tour after a long time comeback.

    More about Sean John Combs

    He has won 3 Grammy awards and 2 MTV music video awards. According to Forbes 2018 record, Sean has a net worth of $825M. Plus he is the second-highest hip hop recording artist.

    More from the interview with Variety

    In the interview, she also mentioned Sean’s father and hoped for rational behavior for him. She said that he used to be very weird towards women, and she expects a change in his behavior. During the end of the interview, she said things changes, and she hopes for the same. As in previous, they all used to get very scared from the behavior of Sean.

    They used to think about what is going on with the boss. But his hard work is still worth appreciation.

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