Shawn Mendes blushes when asked about Camila Cabello, Told the secrets

Rumours of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been floating around for quite some time. And all of us have been waiting for some news or information about their relationship status.

Well fret not, a fan took the opportunity that he got and provided us with much-needed info on Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. During a QnA session with fans in Dallas, one fan mustered all his courage and asked Shawn the status of his relationship with Camila. A girl took the mike and told Shawn that everyone knows the answer to the question she’s going to ask. She then proceeded to ask Shaw, what’s going on with you and Camila. The problem was received with huge applause and cheers from everyone present there. However, the best reaction was not from the crowd.

Shawn had a broad smile, and he was blushing to the point that he turned red. He then desperately tried to avoid the question and move on to the next questions. This is not the first incident where a fan dared to ask about his relationship with Camila. In a different question and answer session, he was asked whether he was dating Camila. To this, Shawn shook his head no and did not bother to go into specifics.

The reason that the rumours are spreading like wildfire is that both Shawn and Camila are seen in public acting like couples. Paparazzi and fans have caught both of them together while holding hands or kissing each other. Both Shawn and Camila have been friends for long now, but the sightings of their special outings started after the release of their duet Senorita. These outings also became more frequent after Camila had broken up with a long-time boyfriend, Matthew Hussey. We can only predict that what the future holds for both of them