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Wendy William angry at rapper Bow Wow for dissing Ciara and calling her a bitch

Wendy Williams is infuriated by Bow Wow’s comments about his past relationships.

The rapper thinks it was savage
The rapper’s so-called savage diss infuriated the host Wendy Williams. He called his ex Ciara a bitch. This video of him slamming his ex Ciara went viral. He was also boasting about how he had her first. So distasteful! Wendy does not approve such remarks, so she expressed her anger, she said: “Bow Wow I am mad at you… What’re you doing?” Exactly, what is Bow Wow even trying to prove?

Even if he didn’t like his past relationship, he could have respected it. Humiliating Ciara like that in public was utterly unnecessary. He used poor words to describe his relationship with Ciara. Wendy even commented about Bow’s very recent relation, and she said: “Going from Ciara to Erica Mena, 31 — look at your track record, Bow.Bow wow, Ciara

Bow Wow was on toes with Ciara
Wendy showed a zoomed-in photo of Bow with Ciara. He used to stand on his toes because Ciara was way taller than him.

He had to be all tippy toes. Everyone present there had a great laugh at this photo. Wendy advised Russell–Ciara’s husband, to not retaliate as he is a gentleman and doesn’t need to stoop down to Bow’s level. She also suggested that Ciara should even not clap back as it wouldn’t be worth it at all.

The rapper should seriously take stock of his life and mind his words.

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