Donald Trump asking to free A$AP Rocky from Sweden

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Will Donald Trump succeed to get justice for A$AP Rocky? A$AP Rocky the member of A$AP Mob, the American hip hop musical group. On 3rd July got arrested by in Sweden for assault of actual bodily harm.

What happened?

In Stockholm, the members of A$AP Mob went for their performance in Smash Festival. While they were walking on the street, they felt like some people are following them. They asked them why they were following them and continues to go towards their hotel.

The group following them hits them with the headphone and their guard. After this A$AP Rocky gets involves in the fight with the people and starts punching them. The surveillance camera recorded this all on the street.

Later on, 3rd July police arrest the three members from the musical group. On this A$AP Rocky says that he hit them back for self-defense. He didn’t do anything that is not required at that time and asked for support.

Reactions on the whole scenario:

Through his tweet, Donald Trump asked for justice for A$AP Rocky. He stated that Sweden had let our African-American community down. According to him, Sweden and America are on good terms, and they are neglecting this case.

On Thursday Donald revealed that he directly talked to the Sweden Prime minster Stefan Lofven on this matter. On this, the spokesperson of Sweden prime minister said that “the Swedish judicial system, prosecutor and courts are independent from the government.”

Daniel Suneseon, the Sweden prosecutor who is in charge of the case, claimed that the actions taken are fair. Also added that he didn’t talk to either the representatives of White house or the representatives of the Swedish government. Plus if they will release them, then they are afraid that they will return to their country back.

Free Rocky: The Petition!

More than 500,000 people have signed an online petition asking for A$AP Rocky’s bail. Including Kim Kardashian West, Kenya West, Nikki Minaj, and Post Malone. The trial is on the 30th of July.