Father Shot his 3 Year-Old Daughter on Head and Then shot Himself!


    A Father Terence Jackson shot twice on his daughter Cherish Jackson’s head, looking for him to greet, and then he killed himself with that gun only immediately.

    On Saturday afternoon, Father Terence Jackson, who came outside his
    Escambia County home to take her 3-year-old daughter, Cherish Jackson, to the store shot her twice in the head and then killed himself with the same gun.

    According to one of the neighbors who witnessed the whole incident said:
    “Cherish ran out to the car crying, ‘Daddy, Daddy, She was all happy to see him.”

    Father Shot his 3 Year-Old Daughter on Head and Then shot Himself
    Credits: people.com

    Cherish’s parents were separated, that is why Terence used to come to pick her daughter from her mother’s home, and then they used to walk to the nearby store.
    Similarly, on Saturday afternoons, Terence came to pick his daughter up from her mother’s home and then walked with her to a nearby store.

    After that, they both walked about 100 yards with his daughter and then he pulled out his gun and shot his daughter twice in the head.

    “I know he said something to Cherish right before he shot her because I saw her look up at him. That image of her looking at him is etched into my mind forever.”….Neighbor added.

    After that, Terence shot himself.

    Both the dead bodies were lying in the street, and when Escambia County’s deputy arrived, he declared Terence dead but daughter Cherish was still alive.
    They took her to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries the next day.