Trump demands Sweden to release ASAP Rocky and focus on real crime.

The musician ASAP Rocky, real name Rakim Myers remains in custody for assault causing actual bodily harm in Stockholm. Two of his associates where also charged and will remain in custody until the hearing.

President Trump demanded the Swedish authorities free rapper, ASAP Rocky. He took to Twitter with a barrage of tweets demanding and blaming the Swedish authorities and the Prime Minister. ASAP Rocky was charged with assault on Thursday for his involvement in a fight in Stockholm on June 30.

Trump accused Sweden of letting down the African-American community and asked Sweden to focus on its real crime problem. The barrage of tweets follows other attempts made by Donald Trump to get in connection with authorities in Sweden and persuade them to release the musician. Last week Trump had told that he spoke with the Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven about ASAP’s case.

A spokesperson for the Swedish prime minister said that Swedish judicial system prosecutors and courts were independent of government interference to influence legal proceedings. The spokesman added that in Sweden everyone is equal before the law.

Daniel Suneson, the Swedish prosecutor who is overseeing the case, said that he hasn’t been in contact with White House representatives or representatives of the Swedish government during the investigation. He further noted that it was apparent that these three suspects Il will leave the country if they were released.


Renee Black, the mother of Rakim Myers, pleaded for the release of her son. The rapper has garnered thousands of supporters who are putting pressure on his release. Nearly 500 thousand artists including Nicki Minaj and Post Malone, have signed an online petition for the bail of ASAP Rocky.