Halloween To Last Saturday of October? Online Petition Goes Viral with 63,000 Signatures and Counting

Now, who doesn’t eagerly wait for a holiday to come? And when its Halloween time, the celebration is definitely double up. But there is one problem with this most awaited holiday of the year. Mostly, this exciting holiday falls in the middle of the week which reduces the amount of enjoyment for all. Well, this might change this year.

The Halloween Drama

Anyway, Halloween involves a lot of drama and this year it has something extra added to its list. People are demanding a change of the celebration for Halloween and they wish to shift it to the last Saturday of October instead of October 31.

A Change.org petition for Halloween is gaining traction and it has already got more than 65,000 signatures. It has reached such a point where it will be sent to President Donald Trump.

But Why The Change?

Last year the petition for changing the date was launched by the non-profit Halloween and Costume Association. According to the association, the change of date will ensure a “safer, longer and stress-free celebration”. Since holidays are meant to be relaxing, their point of the argument is quite logical. They wrote that “let’s move Halloween to the last Saturday of October.”

Traditionally Halloween falls on 31st October every year and this year it was going to be on a Thursday. If the petition is accepted and the date is changed then it will fall on October 26.

Being in the middle of the week many parents fail to accompany their children when they are out trick or treating. For the safety of the children, this petition must be acknowledged by the authorities. Also, school and work schedules will not interfere.

History of Halloween

Halloween is an abbreviation for All Hallows’ Eve. It was originally a pagan festival and the Celts celebrated this thousand of years ago. This is an ancient Celtic festival where people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. As a part of Samhain, people would visit door to door asking for food or drink in exchange for a song, dance, and prayer.

Incidents of many mishaps during Halloween have been reported, so the change of date is definitely a better option. Hope the voice of the people will be heard. Happy Halloween!