Tarantino under controversy for his depiction of Sharon Tate murders.


    Quentin Tarantino keeps delivering some of the best movies in Hollywood. It seems that he has a knack for providing the audience precisely what they crave for. And he has done it once again through his movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

    However, Tarantino has always been criticized for how women are portrayed in his film. It seems that controversy has caught up to him once again. People are heavily criticizing Tarantino for how he shows the Sharon Tate murders in his latest flick. Even though the movie and the scenes are fictionalized, some parts of the movie are very close to real incidents. And this holds for Margot Robbie who plays Sharon Tate in the movie. Sharon Tate was among the victims of the 1959 murders committed by followers of Charles Manson, a cult leader. And many are unable to swallow how Tarantino depicts the Sharon Tate murders.

    SOURCE: Insider

    Though there was never any substantial evidence as to why the followers of Charles Manson killed Sharon Tate, there were certainly enough myths and rumors about why they targeted her. The prosecutors in charge of the case then alleged that Manson wanted to be a rockstar and sought help from Terry Melcher, a music producer. The prosecutors added that Terry declined to make a record with Manson. According to the prosecutors, Terry was the previous owner of the house at which the deaths occurred. They alleged that this was reason why Manson ordered the killings.

    Different people had different views on the case, and the case was never fully resolved. There has been debate over the involvement, or the depth of involvement Charles Manson had in the murders. Manson maintained his innocence until the day he died. Why the controversy then? The discussion is due to the fact that people feel that Tarantino made the movie more about the men than actually depicting Sharon Tate and her murder. They think that the story arc of Sharon Tate has been sidelined as the movie seems to be revolving around the men. This is not first time that Tarantino has been under fire for his depiction of women. Whatever the case may be it seems that the movie is loved by most of the audience and critics.