Is Everything Alright Between The Hot Couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello? What Is The Relationship Status of The Senorita Singers?

The two singing sensations Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are right now the talks of the town. With their collaboration on the song Senorita leading the chart numbers for over weeks, the two are also making some news. The couple has many proofs hinting at their relationship.

Are They A Couple?

Like all celebrities, Shawn and Camila claim that they are just good friends. But they have made several public appearances and were quite close to each other. In summer 2019 the two were seen kissing on numerous occasions. It was definite that they took their friendship to the next level.


However, Shawn did not make any official confirmation about his relationship with Camila and he casually dodged off any question asked about it.

Something Is Wrong

But everything is not so smooth as it seems. Recently in an interview, Shwan cleared off all air of confusion about the rumors of his relationship. After a brief discussion about his next gigs, he was asked about Camila and their relationship.

Immediately Shwan put all the rumors to rest. But he gave a shocking reply instead. He confessed about his huge crush upon ‘Mean Girls’ star Rachel McAdams.

It’s definitely hard to get the correct answer from a celeb. However, there is something certainly cooking between the two.

Sexy in Senorita


Shawn and Camila have probably given out the best single of the year. In the music video, the two are looking smoking hot and they are the best pair to look on screen. In some steamy scenes, both of them are really close to each other and the chemistry is between them is sizzling. Despite being very good friends they look like a real couple in the video.

Their Facetime Story

They call themselves childhood buddies. Shawn in one of his tours could not stop himself from calling his only special friend Camila. He facetimed her and it became an instant saying To Bae or Not To Bae.

Their First Collaboration

Before Senorita, they had another hit number to their credits. In 2015, the duo released the single ” I Know What You Did In Last Summer”. The two have been goofing around each other for a long time.  Once Camila said, ” He friendzones me”.

The two share a lot of pictures of them together on social media and their love and support for each other is visible. There is something more than what they say.

Hopefully, both Shawn and Camila will open up about their relationship.