Kylie Kardashian and her BFF Jordyn Wood are no longer friends

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Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Wood are no longer BFFs. Why? Well, how will you react if your BFF does something which had messed up your family? Messing up with Kardashians is not a good sing itself, and Jordyn did it two times.

Jordyn Woods first kissed Triston Thompson, then partner of Khloe Kardashian in a party. Triston is a Canadian basketball player and also the father of 15 months old daughter with Khloe after this Kylie didn’t react much against Jordyn whereas Khloe was on fire.

Khloe blamed Jordyn numerous times back then for breaking her family. She even said that they always treated her as a family member as Kylie used to take as a sister. Kylie on this just had a conversation with Jordyn where she tried to let her feel the guilt of what she did. Jenner also tried to make things healthy and didn’t unfollow her from her social media account.

According to an insider, Kylie was not planning to break all the bonds from Jordyn even after the incident. Also was planning to settle things up but this time it seems to be opposite.

Kylie unfollowed Jordyn

As Kylie follows 124 accounts on Instagram, the number which has completely excluded Jordyn. The news broke earlier that Jordyn and James Harden, the American Basketball player. James is the ex of Khloe Kardashian before her relationship with Thompson.

One video is released on the social media platform where Ms. Woods and Mr. Harden were caught dancing and hanging out with each other in Houston bar. On 24th of July, the couple seems to be dating officially after the release of the video.

On an exclusive interview

One of the close members from the kar-Jen Clan opens up on the whole situation to The source talked about Kylie and her friendship with Jordyn and also added how the Kar- Jen clan is against this.

As per the source, Kylie unfollowed her after the official release of the news as earlier she never believed it. No one could ever think about Woods like that. First breaking up Khloe’s family and later dating her ex is entirely unpredictable.

Jordyn and Kylie are now complete strangers from being BFFs like sisters.