Little Caesar Arena Champions: Lambert, Taylor and May Together. How Fascinating.

The Bohemian Rhapsody was a worldwide hit in the case of music biopic, but now something even more significant is on the table.


Queen and Adam Lambert had everything set for their fans in a little more than two hour time period. They had planned a list of 29 songs to play during the concert. The set was packed with greatest hit songs, and they took just enough dive on the Queen’s catalog. Queen’s production also did a noticeable killer job. There were a lot fewer props than the show which was back in 2017.

Taylor’s drumming to May’s onslaught of fluid was amazing. Lambert remains the true diamond of the show. Lambert has the guts to pull some material and also has this theatrical self-awareness sense to pay respect to Mercury’s spirit.  Lambert paid ample homage to the company he was keeping and the absent company. Queen and Lambert kept an emotional and melodramatic night.

Lambert said that there is no replacing to the legend and he is still with them. “Somebody to Love,” “I Want it All” and “Tie Your Mother Down” blasted through all the way. May and Taylor romped through “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Under Pressure” set up at the end of the ramp. The OG fans and the newly turned fans had a blast from the amazing song packed concert.

The most stirring moment of the night was the May-Taylor duet on an abbreviate version of “Doing All Right.” A perfect reference to the state of the band in 2019. The band has lost many things on its way till now, but that doesn’t stop them from being awesome. The public love for these guys still remains.