Miley And Liam Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary: Miley Slams Down The Rumour Of Spilting Up!

Miley Cyrus clears out the rumors about her and her husband Liam Hemsworth splitting up.


Miley and Liam celebrate their ten years of love, and some rumors start building up that they are going to divorce. The rumor started with an article that Miley’s and Liam’s relationship was on the rocks. Miley responded to that tweet with a lovely pic of her and Liam writing celebrating ten years. This is one of the few couples that does not fit in the cliches. Miley has addressed it herself that their relationship is different, and she finds her happiness being with Liam.

She also wrote that some things should never change and Liam is her truth. Fans showered them both with love on their 10th anniversary. The tweet received massive love from fans, and fans were honestly relieved for that. This couple is going strong, and they still love the presence of each other. A slight hint of babies in the future was also given by Liam. He says that they both need to complete some responsibilities, but the possibility of babies in the future isn’t that far.

Miley has never stopped from standing up for herself or Liam. Their relationship is not at all on the rocks, and it is going perfectly fine. The pair did take a break in 2013 but were back two years later delighting all the fans. For their anniversary, Miley shared a pic of Liam and her from 2009 writing “shit got deep.” Liam said one time that ten years has been full of fun, and as a couple, they have been through soo many things.

Their on-screen chemistry turned into off-screen romance. The couple has spent a lot of time together and will be spending more. As of now, there are no cracks here, just a couple madly in love with each other.