Rick And Morty Season 4: Release Date Might have Been Accidentally Leaked? or Just a Rumor.

After a very long wait of nearly two years, the highly anticipated cartoon series “Rick and Morty” is coming back. Read on to know everything about its season 4.

Release Date

No one has thought that we have to wait to for such a long time to see the next season of Rick and Morty. When Season 3 of Rick and Morty ended in October 2017, fans really wanted to know that when the next season will be released. But it took such a long time for the creators of the series to reveal anything about the new season.

Although no specific date has been announced as of now season 4 will be released on November 2019. An episode of the new series is planned to be screened by Adult Swim at the second annual Adult Swim Festival in November, this year.

It was revealed by the series co-creator Justin Roiland that the long wait was due to some contract difficulties which took them two years to be resolved. They have signed a 70 episodes contract with Adult Swim which indicates that we probably have 7 more seasons to come. Yipee!

Plot Details

The series is about a weird but genius scientist named Rick and his grandson Morty as they take up many dangerous adventures across the universe. Season 4 will have a total of 10 episodes. The plot of the new series hasn’t been revealed yet. But in the teaser, we can see a new character Glootie who’s an alien app intern developer. Morty and his father will try to stop the alien app but Glootie is not proving to be much of help.


The two images which have been released so far shows Rick all by himself. We can expect his lonely adventures. Also, Roiland has said that season 4 will address time travel. Fans will see how Rick’s gun allows him to travel to the future or past.

New voice appearances

All of the major characters are there with some new additions. Taika Waititi will be voicing for Glootie. Other guests in this season include Paul Giamatti, Sam Neill, and Kathleen Turner.