A Group of Teenagers Brutally Assaulted A Man , One Arrested!

The 14th July disturbing incident that took place in Washington, DC near Dupont Circle where around dozens of teenagers beaten up a man to the ground has seen an accused caught by the police. On Friday, the law officials arrested a 17-year-old who is suspected to be one among the teenagers who were found in the surveillance footage.

A Man From The Viral Footage Is Arrested 

On Wednesday, The Metropolitan Police released the video of more than 12 male and female teenagers punching and stomping a man and then fleeing away from the scene. Among those one teenage even appears to spit on the man before escaping. As per police officials, the young group seems to be of teenagers around 13 years old though the alleged man arrested is 17.

Watch out The Video Here:

The Brutal Incident

According to the police, a man from Hampton, Virginia, was there with the victim at the time of the assault. Before the thrashing at Connecticut Ave, Hampton’s man heard one teen yelling “That’s him” while pointing at the victim. The victim is from Newport News, Virginia, and his accomplice told the police that he tried hard to stop the teenagers. The Hampton’s man reportedly said, “That’s not him; you have the wrong person!” to the teenage group. But the accused didn’t dodge from there and left both of them with injuries.

Police reported that the victim and his accomplice were sent to the hospitals with injuries that were not life-threatening. The Newport News received injuries in his head and left eye socket while the Hampton’s one was treated for a swollen left eye.

Police’s Response To The Incident

The investigation is on, and the law officials are searching for between 10 and 14 suspects. To BuzzFeed News, Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck reported that the reason behind the gruesome attack is not known yet, “but we hope to identify the individuals responsible swiftly.”

To Washington Post, he told that “we only have one side of the story” but this might be a case of mistaken identity. On Thursday’s news conference, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser stated that the cruel assault would be treated like a “schoolyard prank.” He added: “That’s an assault. And it carries jail time. And so we want those people to know, young people — we don’t know how old they are — that this is not a game. They’re real people on the other end of this attack.”

The spokesperson of the hotel in front of which the happening was recorded told to WJLA  that “the events leading up to the attack outside the front door of the hotel began at a nearby bar.”