After Barack Obama, Bear Grylls will train Indian PM Narendra Modi for Man vs Wild


    The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi will be seen in a special episode of popular wildlife show Man vs Wild. He will be exploring, the untamed wildlife with Man vs Wild presenter Bear Grylls.

    Recently, Bear Grylls’s posted a 45 seconds teaser of him and Prime Minister Modi walking and talking about their experiences in the jungles.
    On Monday, Bear Grylls shared the teaser of the episode in his Twitter account. He tweeted that 180 countries across the globe will witness the unknown side of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are in an adventure to create awareness about animal conservation and environmental change in the Indian wildness.

    Jim Corbett National Park

    According to the Discovery Inc.’s statement, this special episode of Man Vs Wild was shot in the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India.
    Bear Grylls told Prime Minister Modi that he is the most important man of India and he will not let anything happen to him during this venture.

    In the conversational teaser, Prime Minister Modi said that he had lived amongst nature, like in the mountains and the forests for many years. Those years created a huge impact on his life.

    When Prime Minister Modi was offered a show which was beyond politics, he was interested and excited. Prime Minister Modi was happy that he would be experiencing nature again.
    He added that the show Man vs Wild had given him an opportunity to show the rich environmental heritage of India. The show will also focus on the importance of environment conservation and living in harmony with nature.

    Prime Minister Modi expressed that he had a great time spending in the jungle again. He is also impressed by Bear Grylls’s indefatigable energy and quest to experience nature at its purest.

    In this show, Prime Minister Modi and Bear Grylls had to make their own raft and cross the jungle river. Bear Grylls, felt honored to spend time with the remarkable world leader. He also got to know more things about Prime Minister Narendra Modi.