Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor’s first joint interview was too good to read right now!!

Just some few days we kept talking about Bob, and Eliza Taylor’s surprise wedding and all we could do was, just to wat for both of them to come out and speak about it.

And finally, like finally, they both did speak about it, and we can’t be more happy about it. But they kept their Privacy mode on, and we have to understand that, they said while talking in Comic-Con. At their first joint interview, they spoke about the upcoming twists about their characters in the series, and then they also talked about their marriage.

When asked Taylor said, it was a private affair,¬† and we just want to keep our private life private, and that’s the reason why it is called private, Morley added.

It was just for our family and friends, and it was lovely Taylor told.

They both announced their surprise wedding on social media. While talking about their series, as we all know the fans are waiting to see at least something  happens between Bellamy and Clarke as the fans are waiting for it since 06 yeara, but the couple has cleared it that the fiction ama the fact life is very different and hence not just mix it with the fiction.

They were also asked that, did they shoot anything after their marriage and lovely couple said not yet.

They did not speak much about their marriage as they already said it out loud and clear that they want to keep it very private.

Though they both get to shoot one emotional scene together and in the sixth season of the CW show, they both had a great time shooting that.  Taylor said it was all an emotional scene, though bob had to do all lifting thing and my eyes were closed. She laughed.

Bob is all set to direct the upcoming episode of The 100.

It was lovely to see the couple have their joint interview after marriage. We are all in awe how well they understand each other and how lovely they look together.