Katy Perry talks about Mr.Bloom and their relationship. Let’s check out what else more !?


    Love birds and their romance is never underrated, and there’s a reason behind it because it’s no crassness.

    Recently, in a radio interview, Katy Perry talked about how different it is with Orlando and what are the things are welcoming and beautiful about their bond.
    In an interview with a radio with the Australian Stations, KIIS 1065’s spoke about her current relationship with Orlando and how it is different than her first marriage.

    She said she knows to “to do the work” before tieing the knot.” She said it’s her past relationships that have made her so firm with her decisions with her current relationship with Orlando.

    As we both were married before it is very important for both of us that to do the work before we take this really big step in our lives. The singer was married to Brand for 14 months and got divorced in 2012. Orlando was also married to a model from Victoria’s secret from 2010-12 and also have a 8 year old son Flynn.

    Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry got engaged on the Valentine’s day this year and are planning their wedding at the end of this year. Perry also mentioned how much hard work they are putting in for building this up straight right before taking a massive step.

    Though they have been very quiet on social media regarding sharing pictures and other stuff, but they did share their photo from the engagement day Katy Perry flaunting her Ruby diamond and Orlando peeping in!

    They look super adorable with each other and we hope we get to see many more lovely pictures of their wedding.

    The “Never Really Over” singer is working on some new stuff which hasn’t been disclosed yet.

    But all in all, we are pretty much excited for their wedding and we wish them all the best for this new big step in their lives.