Leland finally opens up about Beth after she lost her battle with cancer.

Losing someone really close to our heart is a painful thing, and to get over it is a bit tough task.

A month back, Beth, who was fighting her battle with cancer unfortunately lost and it has been very tough for the Chapman family.

As we all know how much important Beth was and losing her would have been so difficult for the family members.

Leland is the stepson and has paid tribute to her with his kind words on Instagram. He uploaded a post in which he wrote, “I can’t believe she’s gone. She would have been thrilled to see this. Family, friends, fans all coming together to honor her legacy. He also thanked everyone for all their well wishes and prayers for his family. He thanked his family for coming together and helping his dad and others to pass this time. I know she is proud, so thank you again, and here he ended.

Leland has been open about the loss, they all had, but he also made it very clear that he has fi plans to keep Beth’s memory alive by continuing the fight for Justice. While candidly talking with the Entertainment Tonight Leland said, I’ve already noticed the difference, he says Beth no longer helping them hunt down people on the run. We have just been out for one day, and I thought to myself, what would Beth have been said, how she would have reacted. There’s a definitely a different aspect around, he added.

Well, by his words, we could feel how sad he was. And a big loss to the family.

He also said, but I think we’ll make through this as we are a strong family. Well with Leland we hope the same that they recover from this loss as soon as possible and our condolences are with the family.