Letdown season 02 is all set to roll. Let’s check out the further story.

Letdown had an overwhelming response in the first season which was released in 2016. The first season showcased Audrey and her struggles being the mom and her relationships issues and much more.

Audrey is played by Alison Bell, who is also the writer and the producer of the show. The second one season is all set to roll again from July 31, on Netflix. This new season will have an interesting twist which shows Audrey meeting with an abortion in the second season.

As we all know, the first season left us with the suspense with Audrey’s pregnancy, but unfortunately, the second season has something else to say.

The show is produced by the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC). Unfortunately back last year with season one went a bit unnoticeable in relatively in many areas, but this time under Netflix banner it will expand in man regions and will be available for large no of audience.

Also, season 02 will work a little faster than the previous season and will have many things to deliver. The season 02 will have six episodes. The one, The Dilemma, He is a Girl, Heavy Heart, Rat Park, Shameless.

We all know, there isn’t any less content available in the market related the pregnancies, motherhood, etc. More than 500 scripted shows are available and are now airing all across the world because we have many issues related to this in our real lives too.

In season 02 of Letdown series, in episode 02 Audrey tells that the majority of the people who get abortions done are parents.

Letdown is an Australian television comedy series which was first screened on the ABC in 2016. It has some interesting twists and turns followed by the adventures of Audrey, which showcases her struggles as a new mum in an oddball mother’s group.