Love Island’s Amber Davies warns all the contestants of the reality show

2017 Love Island’s winner Amber Davies warns the current contestants of the ITV2’s reality show. While it has been two years now since Amber won with her now ex boyfriend Kem Cetinay, things definitely have been rough for her. As reported by The Sun newspaper, Amber was anxious about the new contestants.

Her warning to the contestants:

She told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column: “Last year I was anxious watching ‘Love Island’ as there was another new batch of islanders coming out and I was worried about being old news.

“I used to crucify myself if somebody else had another job over me and you can’t live like that. But then I found musical theatre and I feel like I’m on my own path and my own journey.”

While Amber had a tough time finding herself after winning the show, she doesn’t regret the support she received. She wants the current batch to take their own time and find their perfect match. It isn’t always easy, as she said.

After her win, it was a tough time for her to set foot in the real world. But now it seems she has put her musical theatre diploma to good use after landing the role of Judy Bernly in the West End musical ‘9 to 5’ – based on the 1980 film of the same name.

She also said: “It looks like we’re living the dream but we’re not. Jobs are very slim for reality stars at the minute. You’ve got to think about it because your life changes completely.”

“It’s inevitable. They’re singing up for fame. We didn’t,” she continued. “This year, they know what they’re going in there to do and they know what kind of money they’re going to be coming out to.”

Amber is doing good now as revealed by the photos of her after a performance. And hopefully, she’ll continue to flourish and be known more for other than the winner of Love Island.