New rumors stirring around!! Jennifer Aniston Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom not having a great time together! Let’s check out.

As we all know, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are all ready to tie the knot and have really taken a big step after their last marriages with there spouses.

But then there’s always something or the other stirring wrong way around. We were just happy celebrating Katy and Orlando’s relationship but we gotta hold on because there is some new rumor which is kinda ruining the celebration.

According to some sources it says that Katy Perry found out some inappropriate text messages in Orlando’s phone from Jennifer Aniston. We all know that Orlando and Jennifer Aniston were really good friends, but the text messages did not turn out that great and relaxing, according to Perry. She has asked Jennifer to stay away from Orlando.

Katy and Orlando are engaged, but she is still insecure about the text messages as she thinks that, Orlando and Jennifer are just more than friends. She has been seen worried lately. Well, the magazine which came out with this news has no evidence abo

ut how much true it is! And hence we cannot reach a conclusion with something which isn’t yet confirmed. The news came out lacks in confirming it and also fails to proves facts, makes us believe more that, this might be fake news.

Even though if we believe in the story we still cannot convince ourselves because if it was this way, so Katy would have had taken some actions regarding it, which would have been evident enough to the social media. There is no discussion on social media as well, and people have reached a point where they clearly think, this is a made-up gossip to gain some attention.

Well, all in all, we just hope that Katy and Orlando come up and speak up about this very soon.