Sarah and Will finally got engaged and here is how it all happened!?


    The new couple in the town are engaged, and we can’t wait for their fairytale wedding.

    Sarah and Adams were dating for a year and back, and it’s been a big-time for them, to understand each other and make some big decisions for their life.
    Recently, the couple got engaged, and their fans can’t stop dwelling into their pictures, which they shared on Instagram.
    Sarah Hyland is popularly known for her role in “MODERN FAMILY.” And Adam’s is was a contestant on the Bachelorette.
    Both of them had a very new kind of relationship.

    They both started talking on social media and then followed by DM’s.
    It’s said Adam smoothly shifted to Sarah’s DM’s and they bonded over their love for Taco’s.

    While speaking on his podcast,” Your favorite things” with his co-host Brandi Cyrus, Adam’s talked about how surprised he was when Sarah said a yes to him. He said it was surprising that Sarah said yes. He also mentioned how pressurized he felt while buying, the 5-carat diamond ring for Hyland, also it was more pressurizing than asking her to marry him.

    He also talked about how everyone asks him, are you happy? And he is more than happy and evidently all in love.
    Sarah Hyland did really had some bad days in her life and Will stood strongly with support to her and he was always there in her vulnerable days.

    Hyland went through a lot of health problems in the past and she had some really big surgeries which includes two Kidney transplants and laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. She has been open about her health issues and her mental health which suffered too. But during her grey days, Will was there and she can’t enough thankful to him and to find him. Sarah is really happy to be engaged to a man she exactly wanted.

    We are really happy for both of them and wish them good luck for their future together.