Simon Yam stabbed at a public event in Southern China, attacker detained immediately.

Hong Kong actor and film producer Simon Yam was stabbed during a promotional event in China.

Simon Yam is a big star who has appeared in more than 125 movies, and 40 television series was in the city of Zhongshan when the incident took place.

While speaking during a promotional event, all of a sudden a man from the guests stood up and started stabbing Simon. The video of the incident was shared on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of the Twitter. Simon was stabbed in his stomach and was also slashed on his arm. During all of this, Simon was seen conscious the entire time, Lester Mo Gee-man told the South China Morning Post.

As soon as this happened on stage, the safety guard intervened immediately to take it in control, and the attacker was detained quickly. Well though the motive is still unclear, the investigations are going on.

He also said, “Simon’s injury was non-critical, but the doctors are still deciding whether to operate on him.” As it happened all of a sudden, the guests started panicking. But despite that, the 64-year-old actor underwent a minor operation at a hospital in Zhongshan City, his manager Lester Mo said.

Simon Yam is a Hong Kong actor and a film producer. He has done many award-winning films. His most popular films are Naked Killer, Exiled, Lara Croft. Tomb Raider-The Cradle of Life SPL: Sha Po Lang, Election, Election 2 and The Thieves.

It is kind of a relief for the fans are out there to know, Simon is not in a critical situation. There have been cases of stabbing the popular celebrities leading them to death. As we all know, Elliot Smith and Ryan Kocis death and how disturbing it was for everyone out there to read.

We wish a speedy recovery to Simon.