The cutest Riverdale couple broke up and it makes all sad!! Let’s check out what happened.

It’s was just so adorable to see Lili and Cole in love with each other on and off-screen. Now our heart aches to know that they aren’t dating anymore now.

Lili and Cole popularly known as Betty and Jughead in Riverdale have broken up recently. They were dating for two years, and now it’s all off. Though they have broken up, they are keeping things quite normal between them. Working as professionals as much possible onset says the sources.

The news of their breakup came earlier in this week after the ex-couple was seen together sitting next to each other at Riverdale’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

They both were seen quite normal with each other and kept it very well in front of their fans. They did maintain some distance in the Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con on Saturday.

According to the sources, it also said, their friends did not actually expect them in the long run. At the end of the day, they are different personalities, and things really felt very heavy in their relationship these days, and it might be too much for them too. Though they are working as mature professionals on the set, the sources say.

Recently, Lili posted a picture on Instagram where she is sitting in between KJ Apa and Cole, and she writes the caption saying, “please don’t put me in between these two again.” Well, we can hint the spice in this picture.

In these two years, they have been multiple times asked l about each other, but chose not to discuss it publicly. Though they did not shy much to express their love in shows and all but chose not to discuss it.

They have been the cutest offscreen couple of Riverdale, and it was amazing to know that they dated in real life too. But unfortunately they weren’t meant to last long, and it makes us all said.

We hope once a while they talk about it openly in front of their fans.