The Reel’s are living it in Real!! Stranger Things couples Charlie and Natalia go official about their dating!!

How cute is that when we ship a couple in reel life, and they tend to be coupled IRL!! I mean, how cute is that!

Natalia and Charlie have recently confirmed that they have been dating for a while now and the fans can’t just stop talking about it.

We all are already having a great time watching Stranger Things, and this news makes it even better. Natalia and Charlie were shushed about it, but it’s said that they have been dating since Season 01.

Natalia Dyer popularly known as Nancy Wheeler and Charlie’s Heaton known as Jonathan Byers, are possibly the most loved couple of the science fiction series Stranger Things.

From working together in series and sharing good chemistry, they happened to have a great time together behind the screen and happened to be dating.
They both look super adorable with one another, and there’s no reason we can’t stan them.

They have had made many public appearances which itself started the discussion way before yesterday.
The fans started talking about them since 2016 since Charlie shared a picture of them on Instagram. Though a third wheel was spotted there, but HELLO!! Fans and their stalking skills no less than an FBI team.

And it was all; fans could not calm down after every time they posted a picture. And well we know how cute photos they have been uploading leaving the hints in bits and pieces.

Last week there also found kissing out there which was captured in camera and it gave a concrete proof of this duo dating.

On December 04 they made their first appearance in public and in 2018 they went together at Coachella. It was totally Wowza. And then they finally took Instagram to let it out. And they are making it totally another level.

Well, all in all, this is happy news on the internet today. And we wish the best for them today, now and forever.