When will Money Heist Season 4 premiere? All the latest updates in detail

There is more of Netflix’s Money Heist coming. The series is the most popular foreign language television show on the streaming platform in the year 2018.

Money Heist is an exciting crime thriller series that deals with a gang of charming young thieves in Spain. It is a different kind of experience for the audience. Season 1 aired on 2 May 2017 on Spanish Antena 3. It was intended for a limited time span, but its popularity urged the creator Alex Pina to continue with the series.

After a very successful season 1, Season 2 premiere but this time Netflix took the show under its production banner. That helped the show in reaching a wider set of audience across different countries. Then after a long break, Netflix launched its third installment. On 19 July 2019, a third season released on Netflix. Currently, the show is streaming with a full fun thriller package of eight episodes. Enjoy Season 3 until makers reveal details about season 4.

Here’s all about Season 4….

But there is good news for Money Heist fans! It is rumored that filming of season 4 has started. Netflix hasn’t said much about season 4 yet. Though, in a June conference, creator Alex Pina signaled that a Season 4 is on its way. The creator is of the opinion that a group of people in the series has a lot to tell. Season 4 will bring viewers a unique story for sure.

As of now, no trailers have launched of the upcoming season. Like other fans, we also hope that the show returns soon. It is assumed that Season 4 will bring Professors love life under the limelight. Before Lisbon was captured, he professed to her that she was the first and only person he has ever been in love with. Amidst all the robbery, this love angle will be a surprising and fun element for viewers.