Confirmed: Suge Knight’s Son Finally Opens Up and Clarifies rapper Tupac Shakur Is Alive and Well, Latest Updates

Suge Knight’s son finally clears the air of confusion as he clarifies that rapper Tupac Shakur is still alive doing away all sorts of controversies. Suge Jacob Knight Jr. is the son of the notorious Death Row Records mogul Marion Suge Knight. He made multiple claims on Instagram that Tupac Shakur one of Death Row’s legendary artists is alive and currently living in Malaysia. Tupac is also working on new music.


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The saga continues.. #newdeathrow ‼️

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What Is The Conspiracy Theory?

In 2018, last year, Knight Jr. started a new conspiracy theory that Tupac Shakur never died in the 1996 gunshot wounds. He posted that ” Tupac is alive” and “He never left us”. Knight Jr. also shared some photos of Shakur posing with 50 Cents and Beyonce. However, it is assumed that the pictures are photoshopped.

He once again emphasized the allegations by posting that Shakur was back in the studio and announced that new music is coming soon in 2019 January. Jacob also said that he was looking for the hottest producer to work on a project for Pac.

Is He Still Alive?

Knight Jr. is currently starring in the reality show Love and Listings and viewers are already wondering whether Jacob will open about the truth or not. Some people are also expecting an appearance from Tupac as well.

Jacob frankly talked about the internet sensation that he made by saying that Tupac is alive. He said the unexpected news made the whole world crazy and within a day he received more than 200,000 followers. Knight Jr. mentioned that people have to tune in the show to know the truth.

However, Knight Jr.’s infamous post on Shakur drew the fury of many Tupac fans and for the right reasons. Many people commented negatively on his posts and finally, Jacob said that he never meant to hurt Shakur or his family. He said that Tupac’s family is also his family. Jacob respects him till now and Tupac is his godfather.

Suge Knight Sr. launched the careers of some greatest hip-hop artists and Tupac was one of them.