Instagram star Bianca Devins’s boyfriend who shared the pics of her dead body online pleads not guilty


    17-year-old Instagram star Bianca Devins murdered by her boyfriend who pleads not guilty 

    21-year-old Brandon Clark has been accused of killing the teenage social media star Bianca Devins and later posting the photos of her lifeless body on Instagram. Brandon pleaded not guilty but has been charged with second-degree murder.

    According to the reports, on Saturday night the two of them attended a concert in New York City where they got into some argument. They later reached Utica the next day early in the morning where the argument heated, and Brandon ended up killing Bianca by slitting her throat with a large knife.

    Investigators have also concluded that Clark even posted some horrific pictures of Bianca’s dead body. However, after posting the pictures, he called 911, and when the cops arrived, he tried to cut his own throat and posted the picture of his bleeding neck on Instagram as well. The officers immediately called the emergency medical care because of which Clark was able to survive his self inflicted injuries.

    Bianca Devins was a young social media influencer with about more than 70,000 followers on her Instagram account. She had graduated from high school last month and was looking forward to going to a community college this fall.

    Brandon and Bianca met on Instagram about two months ago. They had been spending time together as well as with each other’s families since then. Bianca’s family have been in deep grief after losing their talented daughter.

    Bianca’s  family described her as ” a talented artist” and “a wonderful young girl, taken from us all too soon.”

    “Bianca’s smile brightened our lives.” her family wrote. “She will always be remembered as our princess.”

    The District Attorney’s office offered Brandon a plea deal, asking him to plead guilty and serve 25 years to life which he has rejected too. He is currently being held at the Oneida County Correctional Facility until the second hearing which would take place in the mid of September.