Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard falsely accused him, said she ‘Put a Cigarette Out’ on his face

American actor, Johnny Depp is in trouble again. The actor’s ex-wife Amber Heard who is a model and actress accused Depp of abusing her over and over again. This time, she blamed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor for the domestic violence.

Recently, one of Amber Heard’s friend Laura came forward to support Johnny Depp. Heard is in touch with her friend since 2016. She revealed that Laura saw no bruises anywhere in Amber’s body. However, she is unaware whether the former couple had any verbal fight or not.

Laura said that she was with Amber Heard when Amber claimed to have been abused by her former husband, Johnny Depp. Laura said that Amber’s allegations were not true. Laura also said that “I have found no signs of abuse.” Laura explained that when she used to work with Amber, some packages used to received by her. Further, Laura continued saying that she has not got any evidence that Amber was ever abused.

Johnny Depp claims Amber Heard falsely accused him, said she 'Put a Cigarette Out' on his face

Amber Heard’s lawyers are presenting false witnesses in court against Johnny Depp.
Earlier, Depp said that his ex-wife is falsely accusing him and attracting the media. Johnny Depp also leveled a defamation case against his ex-wife. He charged 50 million dollars against Amber. The actress lost all her jobs just after she filed an assault case against her husband.

Amber’s lawyers presented clear evidence where Amber was violently physically abused by Johnny Depp. They kept on raving and explaining that Depp’s crew was being incapable of refuting these evidence. The lawyers of Amber even accused Johnny of providing irrelevant evidence to the tabloids and distracting them from the actual truth. Amber’s team of attorney, are making clean sheets of the charge against Johnny.

The main lawyer of Amber Heard’s, Eric George, said that “It is clear that this vile sideshow is their client’s actual objective in this litigation, and will not cease until this bogus defamation case is resolved.” He continued by saying, “As a result, we are hopeful the courts will move forward as quickly as the law allows.”

Till now, Johnny Depp’s lawyers have not commented on anything.