Justin and Hailey bought a house for $8.5 million, What’s inside it?

Justin Bieber and her wife Hailey Baldwin had been in the news since their marriage, for different reasons, but this time is enormous and magnificent. So recently the ‘baby’ star and his wife bought a house in the Beverly Hills and its something to look for.

Image Credits: Elle.com

Details on the house the couple bought

They bought it for $ 8.5 million, and it was 1930’s Monetary Colonial ‘s house renovated by Hollywood’s production designer Charles Infante into a marvelous one. It has a zero-edge infinity pool, a fireplace surrounded by olive trees, a fire pit, and a big courtyard.

Image Credits: Yolanda’s little black book

It is of 6100 square feet, a wine cellar with Martinique Print, a home theater, wet bar in Art Deco to give a beautiful fresh look, five big bedrooms, and seven bathrooms! Everything is what one dreams of when buying a new house.

Previous houses of Justin Bieber

After their engagement, they lived in Hailey’s house, Justin sold his home of Calabasas in 2014 to Kourtney Kardashian there were various problems faced by the star while he lived in that house, later he shifted to Hollywood Hills Party house along with a club and paid a rent of $ 29,500, he also rented a Spanish Contemporary Style Toluca Lake Mansion for $ 100,000 per month.
Justin has previously also bought 101- acre land in Ontario, Canada.
Hailey and Justin look quite happy with their decision, it was heard that they were indeed looking for a house near Manhattan but who knows maybe they liked this one more, or they may buy another one too!
Justin had been low key for now, but that didn’t stop him from praising and showing love for his wife, that might be on vacation posts or random PDA, Hailey has also taken some time off her work only to spend time with husband and bee there when he needs the most.