Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton’s Love Story From Reel Life To Real Life Isn’t A Strange Thing

Natalia and Charlie could be one of the most admired Hollywood co-star couples which did not come as a surprise at all to fans worldwide.

We love to see this adventurous couple on the world-renowned show “Stranger Things” that very recently aired its third season on the web series giant- Netflix. Natalia Dyre and Charlie Heaton could right now be one of the beloved Hollywood co-star couples. We love to see them on screen and love to see their relationship in reality more..! Now let’s see how the two began in the spirit of walking down a memory lane.

Stranger Things Season 1 saw Nancy Wheeler played by Dyre meet Jonathan Byers, an aspiring photographer and a social outcast in school. (played by Charlie Heaton). This super-successful science fiction thriller that marked three huge seasons bubbled up possibilities for both of these characters in reel as well as in real life. it’s hard to miss something this obvious!! The actors probably met on the stranger things set in 2016.

The first season had Nancy relate to another man but had a friendship that was sweet with Jonathan. Their chemistry intensifies as the characters get engrossed in an adventure and more screen time is occupied by the couple, giving them more space to celebrate each other’s talents. Both characters were caught together in difficult times (often fighting demons from the other world), and also shared some really intensified scenes not to mention the blowtorching and the mind flayer.

By the end of season three, both these characters have shared so much of time over the screen that not falling for each other had less possibility nonetheless. The characters of Nancy and Jonathan have been one of the central couples that fight along with the pack that we see on Stranger Things.