10 Things Every Music Website Should Have

You can promote and sell your music through a music website. A website should have engaging content to attract viewers and keep them hooked up for a longer time. So what are the things that you need to build your own music website? Or maybe must-have things in order to attract more and more customers? Let’s check it out.

1.Contact information

Always mention proper and complete contact information so that people can contact you easily. The fans and other potential venue owners who want to book your band will be able to contact only when they are provided with a valid email address or any other form of contact. Remember to check the inbox and respond immediately. The digital channels of communication have proved to be very helpful for people to reach out in almost no time.

2.Social media links

Add your social media links on the site so that the visitors can find you across the web through different channels. They can also check the links any time and anywhere they want. Also add social media buttons so that your fans can “like,” “follow” and “share” the music online. The benefits of Facebook page promotion is really worth trying especially for music-related sites.

3.Provide sample tracks

People become more interested in buying music after first listening to them. So make at least 2 or 3 full-length tracks available to stream on the site. Music videos are quite helpful for people to sample the music before they buy. Also, it becomes easy for bloggers and journalists to review your music site if you provide sample tracks there on the site.

4.Description of the music

Allow your site visitors to describe your music so that they can also recommend it to their friends. Describe the music in just a few words or sentences and use catchy phrases.

5.Event Calendar

Put up the concert calendar on the site and always keep it up-to-date. Announce album release dates and other important happenings regularly on the site.

  1. Photos and Videos

Put high-resolution photographs as well as videos on your site. The visitors often ignore long write-ups and descriptions but they pay attention to the pictures and videos. Put videos of interviews of your bandmates or yourself also. There’s no need to hire a pro photographer, just make sure that the images are of high resolution and fits into the intended space without stretching.

7.Links to press or promotions

Provide the links to any press or promotions you’re included in. Share reviews of your shows from fans and critics. Give links of the articles which mentions you. People are able to gain more information when they go through them and are more likely to become interested in you

8.Provide various purchase options

Create such a system that it becomes easy to buy your CDs and MP3s. Present multiple purchase options before your visitors. You can use the CD Baby music store widget and link to iTunes and Amazon.

9.Well written biography

Share your story in an appealing way. Write about your achievements and success stories in detail. Like if you’re a band, write how you people met and give personal details of each member, mention your initial struggle, your influences and all. A solo artist can mention how he got his first break and his journey to date.

10. Newsletter sign up

Newsletters are the bulletins which are issued periodically for the members of the organization. Social media platforms might not always be a reliable source. You can use your email list to promote your upcoming events, merchandise, gigs and anything you want to share with your fans.


At this current age of digitalization, music has also gone the online way. You can find and play your favorite music through the various music website available across the web. Keep track of your visitors using Google Analytics or Jetpack for WordPress. You can further analyze it to measure the effectiveness of your social media promotions, new and recent releases and blog posts. This is very important since it gives the direction to your strategy and the efforts you’re putting in. Also, put up the blog posts frequently to keep in touch with your fans. Mention the details of your last show in an attractive manner. This way the fans will feel connected and will visit your site frequently.