12 year old girl has a sleepover with friends but get BOILING WATER thrown into her face


    A 12-year-old girl has been sentenced to 18 months probation after she threw boiling water on another girl during a sleepover

    The 11-year-old victim, Jamoneisha Merritt is said to have suffered from a horrific second- degree burns after another girl threw a cup of boiling water on her face while she was asleep at one of her friend’s house.

    Jamoneisha said that she was tired and was willing to sleep but “don’t go to sleep or you get pranked” is what she was told by those girls. And all she remembers is that she woke up with the sensation of boiling water on her face.


    Her mother Ebony told the reporters that this “hot water challenge” was a case of bullying which features people throwing boiling water on others

    The 12-year-old has been sentenced to an 18 months probation, but Mrs. Merritt and their attorney are disappointed with this outcome of the case. Jamoneisha’s lawyer Paul Prestia and her mother both believe that the mother who was looking after those girls should also have uu been charged.

    Paul said that “It doesn’t make sense that all of the girls were not punished because they were involved in some way.”

    “The mother is just as involved as the other kids. This happened at 4 a.m., but they didn’t come to my house until 5:30. That means she was there for an hour and a half while they were trying to cover their tracks,” said Mrs. Merritt.

    However, Paul has also stated that a meeting with some representatives from the city’s Law Department has made him confident that charges would be filed against “anyone responsible for harming Jamoneisha that night.”


    “She needs some semblance of justice for those scars,” Paul stated.

    He further added – “Her spirit and courage should really be an inspiration to so many young people, especially those who’ve been the victims of bullying.”


    After the incident, Jamoneisha’s mother posted photos of her daughter on her Facebook account with a caption that reads- “How can you say someone’s happy to be home[?] Can’t you see the look on her face. She’s in good spirits. She’s great she want[s] to thank all of y’all for the love that you showed her.”

    “God is good all the time.”