Man Who Spent 12 Years in Prison for Crime He Didn’t Commit Shot Dead Two Blocks from His Home

A man was arrested long ago back for the crime he didn’t commit. And was behind bars for more than two decades. He was found shot dead one week before.

When he was 19, he was arrested shortly after the birth of his son, in charge of raping a woman during an armed robbery and murdering a man during a separate incident.

There was no full description available. Afterward, he was falsely identified Willis as the perpetrator. He was innocent but was sentenced to jail. He tried to prove his innocence but didn’t succeed until 2006.

And after that, he got the chance of the second trial, and a judge cleared him of any wrongdoing. Willis spent four years in solitary confinement when he was in custody.

He suffered a lot as he was a black man. And police used to behave nasty and act rude with him. Though it was his luck that he tried and didn’t lose his hope and tried to prove him innocent.

But unfortunately when he was set free. And when came out of the jail after more than two decades he was found shot dead. He wasted his whole life to go out of jail. And then when came out he was killed.

On June 24, Willis was killed in his Jackson, Mississippi, his neighborhood. The Jackson Police Department has not revealed anything yet if they have a suspect or provided any information on the murder case.

His mother, Elayne Willis, stated to CNN that police visited her last week and told her the incident is still under investigation.

“America hurts black men in so many ways. Two of the main ways it does that is through the criminal justice system and the utter failure to control guns. Cedric has been a victim of both, and that’s particularly tragic.” – Elayne Willis said to CNN ( mother of the victim)