Shocking: Singer Guru Randhawa Attacked After Concert, Name of The Attacker is still Unknown


    Even celebrities have their bad and unfortunate moments. Guru Randhawa the famous singer of India certainly never expected such an incident to occur in his life. While he was at a concert in Vancouver, Canada, an unknown person pounced on him while he was exiting after the concert was over.


    Assault Case

    This is a shocking incident that happened with Guru Randhawa. Guru had a concert at the Queen Elizabeth Theater on Sunday night in Vancouver. After the concert, he was leaving the venue while a stranger attacked him on his head. No identification of the attacker has been found yet.

    How Is Guru?

    Guru whose songs are a favorite of every Indian and who became extremely popular after the release of his song Ban Ja Rani from Tumhari Sulu is said to be out of danger now. He is currently doing fine and his head injury is also cured.


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    Guru is back in India with four stitches on his right eyebrow and mega successful USA/Canada tour. The incident happened on 28th July in Vancouver when Guru told one punjabi man not to come on stage while he was performing for the audience. That man was trying to come on stage again and again and then he started fighting with everyone backstage. He was known to the local promoter Surinder Sanghera who sent him away during the show. But at the end when Guru finished the show and was leaving the stage, that punjabi man came and hit him hard on his face with a punch , because of which Guru started bleeding on the spot from his forehead above eyebrow and went back to stage and showed it to the audience. That man was with few others and whosoever tried to stopped them, they were punching them and then they all ran away. Guru is home now feeling safe in India. And Guru Said , his Guru Nanak Dev ji has saved him and prayed to Waheguru to give that man a good sense of understanding what to do and what not to. Your love and support is all we need always. Thanks Management Guru Randhawa

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    However, the people at the concert reported about the impolite behavior of the assailant. They said that the man was misbehaving in an obscene and loud way even during the concert. Everyone at the concert witnessed the indecency of the attacker while the 27-year-old was performing on the stage.

    After the sudden attack, immediately police and ambulance reached the venue. Sources say that Guru will be next performing in Pakistan after this tour as he planned before.

    The Singing Sensation


    Guru Randhawa’s popularity is growing day by day. His recent collaboration with Pitbull in the song Slowly Slowly is quite a rage among the audience and it is topping every playlist in radio stations and clubs. One interesting fact about the song is that it consists of three languages English, Punjabi, and Spanish.

    In a recent movie Arjun Patiala, Guru has voiced every song in the film. He is very loved among his Punjabi community as well as in other cities.

    Guru’s most famous tracks include Patola, High-Rated Gabru, and Lahore.

    Police are trying to find out the culprit of this terrible incident. Hope the person will be punished soon.