WWE legend Jerry Lawler files $3M Suit Against Tennessee Sheriff Over His Son’s Jail Death

WWE Legend Jerry Lawler has filed a $3M lawsuit against sheriffs and officials in Tennessee to seek justice for his son’s death in jail.

The officials and jail staff neglected their duties

Better known as Jerry “The King” Lawler, the wrestler accused the cops at the Hardman County jail of neglect and denial of their duties. The lawsuit claims that the jail staff didn’t provide appropriate medical care to his son. Lawler claimed that his son could be saved if he was given proper treatment.

Lawler’s son Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay, 46, was locked up on DUI and evading arrest charges in 2018. Brian committed suicide by hanging himself inside his cell last July. But Lawler argued that it wasn’t a suicide case, but something more sinister had happened to him. Last August, he came up with photographs claiming that his son’s injuries weren’t consistent with a suicide.

Brian was suffering from heavy depression

The lawsuit claims that the jail staff knew about Brian’s weak mental health. Lawler’s attorney, Jeffrey Rosenblum told TMZ Sports that Brian had told officers during his arrest that he had attempted suicide in 2013 and 2015. He was suffering from depression for many years.

During his confinement, Brian was attacked by an inmate and suffered a head injury, left eye gash, and a possible concussion. But the lawsuit claims that the officials refused to provide him any medical treatment. He even pleaded with the jail staff to take him to a hospital but was ignored.

Brian committed suicide in his solitary cell

Instead, he was placed in solitary confinement with numerous large bolts protruding from the upper portion of the wall. Rosenblum said that Brian was allowed to keep his shoes with shoelaces. He used the laces to hang himself from one of the bolts as an anchor. The lawsuit claims that the staff was so unprepared that they had to cut the laces from around his neck with the help of children’s scissors.

Lawler has accused that despite knowing about Brian’s mental health, the officials turned a blind eye to his condition. Lawler wants the officials to be held accountable and an apology from the Sheriff’s department. He also wants a court order to correct the unconstitutional deficiencies in Hardman County.

Rosenblum said that the money which the family receives would be used to support Brian’s son.